Nail Fungus Treatment

hon-yan-wtagoAccording to statistics, it is estimated that about 3 to 8 percent of the population suffer from nail fungus or have suffered from it at one point. Therefore, what is nail fungus? This a condition that makes your finger or your toe nails to turn white or at times yellow. As it spreads, your finger may thicken and completely change. Besides, it may crumble at the hedges. Onychomycosis as this condition is called, may come back even after having a successful treatment. When it attacks between your toes, it is referred to as athlete’s foot. This article explains its causes, common symptoms, and nail fungus treatment.

The fungal organism that causes this disease is found almost everywhere and once it has attacked your nails, it can become very hard to treat. The easiest way through which it enters your nails is when something has caused damaged. Some of these injuries can be caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes that pinch your toe or when a door sticks one of your fingers. In addition, if your body immune system is weak, the organism can easily invade your body. According to professionals, if you have a strong immune system it would be difficult for the disease to attack you, therefore no need to seek nail fungus treatment.

The first symptom that you should look for is a small white or yellow toe. It is very important to be careful if you see such symptoms as many people have ignored it as just a normal discoloration of the toe thereby leaving the nail fungus to spread and cause much harm to their feet. Secondly, if your feet smell unusually, then you have all the cause to worry because you may be developing the dreaded nail fungus. If not checked, your nails might crumble and leave their nail beds. At this stage, the condition might become very painful.
The biggest mistake that you can ever do is to try and treat nail fungus using a home remedy. Whether you use vinegar, bleach or alcohol just be sure that these will not work. In the mean time, you are giving it room to worsen. The three main toenail fungus treatment methods are the oral anti fungal drug, medicated nail polish, and medicated nail cream. The main function of these drugs is to assist in the growth of a new nail that is completely free of infection. Your doctor will put you on oral anti fungal for 6 to 12 weeks. For the nail polish, you may need to use it for up to year and lastly, for the anti fungal cream, you first soak your nails and then rub it on them.

Briefly, whenever you suspect that you are suffering from this horrible condition, it is important that you seek medical attention. If continue with the disease without treating it the conditions may become worse. In some instances, the condition might immobilize you. Major signs to look for are the changing yellowish toe and smelly feet especially after removing shoes. The best nail fungus treatment is the tropical cream or oral pills. Fortunately, if you keenly follow the doctor’s prescription, you will get rid of the condition.